Our Leather

BONAVENTURA products are made of German leather from two of the most prestigious tanneries in Europe, Perlinger and Weinheimer. Both tanneries have a rich history looking back 150 years and pride themselves on calf leather of the highest standard, beloved by famous brand names around the world.

Noblessa & Fjord

The unique calf leather we use in the making of BONAVENTURA products differ in appearance, natural touch and lifetime durability. Thanks to the work of the best European artisans and our carefully selected tanneries, we succeed in creating beautiful high-quality products with sensory pleasure in mind. Our handbags, wallets and smartphone cases and accessories are handcrafted of German authentic ‘Noblessa’ embossed leather and ‘Fjord’ shrunken calf leather.

Watch how our leather is made at Perlinger


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Important facts about our leather

  • Complies with the 4th Ordinance on the Amendment of the Consumer Goods Ordinance of 20.07.1995
  • Contains no azo dyes, which can reductively decompose into arylamines with carcinogenic potential of MAK groups III A1 and III A2
  • PCP-free (corresponds to the PCP ban ordinance of the Federal Government)