Noblessa Calf Leather is the finest leather among the well-established tannery "Perlinger", which has been tanning leather in Germany since 1864.

Perlinger supplies leather of the highest quality by combining leather tanning technology and experience cultivated for more than 150 years with modern manufacturing methods.

Because it is not only good quality but also environmentally friendly tanner, it has been highly evaluated by top brands around the world.

Noblessa leather is an embossed printed leather made by pressing the leather with uniform heat and pressure. While Full Grain (Shrunken) leather is made by natural leather pattern and it has a different texture, Noblessa leather is characterized by a fine, smooth and uniform pattern.

BONAVENTURA uses a Nano Particels Coating developed together with Perlinger in the leather manufacturing process.

The Nanotol Spray is eco-benign and harmless to the human body and does not impair the texture of the leather. It’s water-repellent treatment by cutting-edge nanotechnology has the effect of preventing dirt, dust and fluids allowing you to enjoy the new and good condition of your items for a longer time.

Our Noblessa Leather expresses a three-dimensional color using two colors with different tones.

By dyeing the entire leather with a bright color, applying a dark color to the surface, and adding light and shade, our unique color that makes the fine embossing of Noblessa leather look more beautiful is created.

Skilled craftsmanship creates "the finest leather" that maintains high quality and keeps the beautiful coloring for a long time.