Our commitment

At BONAVENTURA, we pride ourselves in creating exquisite premium leather goods, sustainably designed to last a lifetime. We achieve this by combining the rich culture of Italian craftsmanship, timeless and classic designs with an absolute dedication to detail and unwavering commitment to quality.

Excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and a deep awareness for how our work impacts the environment guides us daily and we are committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. While we recognize we aren't perfect and there is lots of work to be done, we are actively working on defining a strategy to drive new initiatives that help reduce our carbon footprint. 

Working together

Our leather

Our leather comes from two of the most prestigious tanneries in Europe, Perlinger and Weinheimer. The regional raw materials they source combined with conscientious product selection and sustainable production methods results in calfskins of the highest quality with outstanding longevity. The production of the leather takes place in Germany and Poland from the very beginning. Therefore, the tanning of the leather is also subject to strict environmental guidelines in terms of waste water, exhaust air and waste. All requirements are met by Perlinger and Weinheimer.

Regional raw materials

Top quality leather begins with the animals and their environment. Our tanneries source their raw materials exclusively from the Alpine regions and specially selected provenances of southern Germany, where responsible behaviour towards both livestock and the countryside is an absolute priority.

Responsible tanning

During the tanning process our tanneries combine traditional craftsmanship techniques and strict controls to produce finished leathers that are aesthetically pleasing, of the highest quality and free of any harmful substances.

Ecological production

Our tanneries stand for clean, ecological and ethical leathers and attach great importance to traceability along the entire value chain. Perlinger uses only the best environmentally friendly technology, while most of Weinheimer’s leathers are tested according to the OEKO-Tex Leather standard.

Important facts about our leather

  • Complies with the 4th Ordinance on the Amendment of the Consumer Goods Ordinance of 20.07.1995
  • Contains no azo dyes, which can reductively decompose into arylamines with carcinogenic potential of MAK groups III A1 and III A2
  • PCP-free (corresponds to the PCP ban ordinance of the Federal Government)

Plastic free packaging

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Offsetting carbon emissions

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