Leather Cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max


Why do I need a case for my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Apple works on new iPhone models every year and introduces the latest iPhones in September. The largest variant of the models is called iPhone 13 Pro Max.
As with each of their smartphones, Apple places great importance on the quality of their products. Breakages or scratches should be rare due to the excellent workmanship.
But sometimes things can happen very quickly. A phone as large as the iPhone 13 Pro Max can fall out of your pocket and land on the ground by accident. Such a fall can cause a damaged back and, in the worst case, a cracked display. This damage can only be repaired. Defects of this kind can be avoided by using a drop-proof case.
Therefore, you should consider whether investing in a high-quality case is not a sensible option to preventively minimise the risk of breakage.
At BONAVENTURA, you have the option to choose from a wide variety of iPhone 13 Pro Max cases. To make sure your iPhone fits you perfectly, you can also perfectly match your chosen iPhone colour with your new leather case.

BONAVENTURA offers not only the right case for your iPhone 13, but also for the iPhone 13 ProiPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. If you have an older iPhone model, take a look at the BONAVENTURA iPhone cases page, where all models are linked in an overview.

What are the reasons for choosing a premium leather case?

When you choose an iPhone 13 Pro Max, you not only get a powerful phone, but one that is just as aesthetically pleasing. A wide range of designs is offered and every customer has the possibility to choose between a variety of colours. Once the decision is made, however, some hesitate when it comes to buying a suitable case. It is assumed that one has to weigh between functionality and aesthetics, but we believe that a cover should not only be functional but also beautifully designed.
That is why we have chosen one of the oldest natural products used by man. All BONAVENTURA cases are made of authentic, soft, sustainable and natural leather that fits perfectly around your iPhone. Its durability offers you optimal protection.
With wear, your iPhone case from BONAVENTURA will change. One of the great features of genuine leather is that irregularities form on the surface with frequent use. This makes your case a unique piece that only exists once in the world.
Choose a suitable color and design your individual case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can choose between Noblessa calfskin (embossed) or Fjord calfskin (shrunken) from Perlinger.
We leave nothing to chance and to make sure your case purchase is a long-term investment, you can register your case with us for a lifetime warranty within 15 days go purchase.

Which BONAVENTURA leather case is best suited for my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Everything is bigger with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It boasts a 6.7 inch 120 display, which for the first time has a refresh rate of 120 hertz. This makes it the smartphone with the widest screen. But Apple has also given the iPhone 13 Pro Max a speed boost with their new processor, the A15 Bionic.
The camera has also been updated. It now features an improved ultra-wide-angle camera and a lens with an f/1.8 aperture. This means that photos show less noise in poor lighting conditions. If you also get a small tripod, you can even capture the Milky Way with this camera.
To ensure that your smartphone doesn't run out unexpectedly, Apple has installed a new powerful battery that gets the iPhone 13 Pro Max through a long day.
All of these innovative new features have led us to adapt our sustainable cases to the iPhone 13 Pro Max to give you not only the best possible protection, but also the most beautiful appearance for your iPhone.
Choose one of our two designs and get the best possible iPhone 13 Pro Max case from BONAVENTURA.

1. Back Cover Leather iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

The largest model in the iPhone 13 series requires a case that is as high-quality as it is custom-fit. The Back Cover Case was designed to optimally protect the back of the iPhone. In addition, the Fjord leather version offers two practical credit card or note compartments on the back of the case.
A mobile phone that scores points precisely because of its dimensions should be sensibly enhanced by a protective case. The dimensions of the iPhone 13 Pro Max offer a magnificent display with high resolution. If you opt for our Back Cover Leather iPhone case, you will hold your smartphone securely in your hand thanks to the non-slip case and have quick access to the screen thanks to the exposed display. So nothing stands in the way of quick and safe access to this impressive iPhone 13 Pro Max screen.
There are also two different leather variants - Noblessa and Fjord. All cases are available in high-quality Kyoko colors.

2. Leather Diary iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

The fold-out "Diary" iPhone Case is a high-quality case in a minimalist design that offers complete all-round protection.
If you want to protect your iPhone 13 Pro Max in the best possible way, this is the version for you. Both the front and the back are covered by the elegant genuine leather case. The phone can thus be used in everyday life without hesitation. The display is only visible when the case opens to the left. Conveniently, the inside of the case has four credit card slots and two note compartments. Here, too, there is a choice of two different BONAVENTURA genuine leather variants - Noblessa and Fjord. All cases are available in a variety of Kyoko colors.

Our commitment to sustainability

BONAVENTURA premium leather cases for Apple iPhones, are sustainably produced products, created to last you a lifetime.
Excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and careful consideration of the impact of our work on the environment guide us every day, and we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner.