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BONAVENTURA iPhone Accessories: Quality Meets Style

BONAVENTURA, the modern Italian brand, combines Italian craftsmanship and timeless design with attention to detail. Discover our premium iPhone accessories, made from exclusive leathers such as Fjord and Noblessa.

High-quality BONAVENTURA iPhone accessories made of Noblessa leather with removable card slot in various colors.

Why Choose BONAVENTURA iPhone Accessories?

Italian Craftsmanship

Our iPhone accessories are made in Europe and benefit from the centuries-old experience of Italian craftsmanship. This results in products of exceptional quality and durability.

Premium Leathers

BONAVENTURA uses only the highest quality leathers such as Fjord, a shrunk, grained calf leather, and Noblessa, an embossed and smooth full-grain calf leather. Both leathers are extremely durable and give the products a luxurious appearance and feel.

Timeless Design

BONAVENTURA iPhone accessories are characterized by a timeless, elegant design that caters to both demanding and style-conscious customers.

Attention to Detail

Our accessories stand out with their special attention to detail and high-quality workmanship, which give the products their individual character.

iPhone with stylish BONAVENTURA leather shoulder strap, worn by a confident woman.

The Different Product Categories of BONAVENTURA iPhone Accessories

1. Leather Straps

BONAVENTURA leather straps are the perfect addition to your iPhone, providing a comfortable and secure grip. Crafted from Fjord or Noblessa leather, they add a touch of style and comfort to your smartphone.

2. Leather Cable Holders

Our Fjord and Noblessa leather cable holders are a practical and stylish accessory to keep all your cables and headphones organized and within reach.

3. Detachable Card Holder for iPhone Case

The detachable card holder from BONAVENTURA is the perfect solution to attach your most important cards and IDs directly to your iPhone. Made from Fjord or Noblessa leather, it combines functionality with an appealing design.

Discover our Different iPhone Cases

In addition to the iPhone accessories presented here, BONAVENTURA also offers a variety of iPhone cases, such as back covers and diary cases, with or without magnetic closure. Protect your smartphone in style and function with our high-quality leather cases.

iPhone with BONAVENTURA leather shoulder strap, crossbody worn by a stylish woman.


BONAVENTURA iPhone accessories are the perfect combination of Italian craftsmanship, premium leather types, timeless design, and attention to detail. Whether it's leather straps, cable holders, or detachable card holders – each product is carefully crafted and designed to meet your individual style and needs. Discover our exclusive selection of iPhone accessories and experience the quality and elegance that BONAVENTURA offers.

Choose BONAVENTURA and treat yourself and your iPhone to accessories of the highest quality that not only meet your quality standards but are also a source of personal pleasure. Explore our exclusive collection now and enjoy the benefits that the BONAVENTURA brand offers.