Lifetime Warranty

BONAVENTURA products come with a lifetime guarantee.

You can get the following lifetime warranty service by registering the warranty of your product. You will need the copyable receipt from an authorized dealer, a warranty number (six numbers after "SN." on your card) and a product code (a letter code next to the barcode usually starting with "B" > example: BODT-XX).

  • For more details, please ckeck our Warranty Policy
  • Please register your product for warranty within 15 days of purchase
  • You can register for warranty here
Hard case repairs
Repair of the polycarbonate case which holds the smartphone is guaranteed for many years. As long as the leather can be used, the polycarbonate case part will be replaced free of charge. The repair period is about 7-10 days.

Edge paint repairs
We accept the repair of the edge paint (black part of the boards) of the smartphone case. Please contact us from the Repair Request Form.
The repair period is about one and a half months.

Other repairs
If you have any problems or problems with the product, please contact us from "Other repairs consultation" on the Repair Request Form. Depending on the condition of the product, repairs may not be accepted.

About order numbers

  • Official online store: 5 to 6 digit alphanumeric characters starting with "BEU/BUS" 
  • Amazon official shop…numeric string of “3 digits-7 digits-7 digits”

The following products are not covered by the lifetime warranty:
・ Valet Tray
・ Round Coin Case
・ Leather Strap
・ Cable Holder
・ Bookmark
・ Nano Glass Coating Spray

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