BONAVENTURA was founded in Milan and planted its roots with the opening of the very first storefront in Italy's fashion capital in typical BONAVENTURA design and style. There are over 10 stores including some flagship stores in Japan. For our European customers, customer success, logistics and marketing operate out of the European e-commerce hub in the beautiful port city of Rostock, with a goal to open additional stores in Europe and continue growing BONAVENTURA’s online presence. We produce premium leather goods in-house in Europe and market them directly to our customers through our online shop. A modern Italian brand that combines the rich culture of Italian craftsmanship, timeless and classic design with an absolute dedication to detail, a bold color palette, premium quality and great service.


Our Designs

Our Brand Director and design inspiration Kyoko Uemura has extensive experience in luxury fashion. With a unique sense for colors and nuances, she brings heartfelt happiness into the design process. Her use of bold BONAVENTURA colors has become one of the most recognizable elements that allows BONAVENTURA to stand out. The happiness we feel in the making of our products integrates as a token of good luck. As you might know BONAVENTURA actually means good luck!

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer customers premium, classic leather handbags, wallets and accessories that truly stand the test of time. We do this by combining the rich culture of Italian craftsmanship with dedication to perfectionism and detail. We find endless joy in making things exquisite. BONAVENTURA products are made of high-grade German leather coming from the prestigious Perlinger and Weinheimer tanneries.

Watch how our leather is made