Bonaventura was founded in Milano and is still now rooted in Italy’s capital of fashion. It is also in Milano, where the first brand store was opened in typical Bonaventura design and style. A modern Italian brand that combines the rich culture of Italian craftsmanship, the timelessness of classy design with an absolute dedication to details, a happy colour palette, premium quality and great service.

They formed an idea to build a brand that encompasses the Italian culture of producing premium leather goods and pair it with the Japanese dedication to perfectionism and detail. It was their vision to create a brand that would represent the very best values to customers, simply products that make you happy. Therefore it totally made sense to base the brand headquarters in the historical city of Milano in northern Italy.

Our Brand Director and Design Inspiration Kyoko has extensive experience within luxury fashion. With a unique sense for colours and nuances, Kyoko brings a heartfelt happiness into the design process. Her unique sense of colors has become one of the most recognizable elements that now allows Bonaventura to stand out.

We offer bags, wallets and accessories of high grade materials, created with absolute dedication to detail. BONAVENTURA products are made of German leather coming from one of the most prestigious European tanneries, Perlinger Leder in Furth, Germany.

How our leather is made

We use a unique colour palette and carefully design our products with sensory pleasure in mind. We find endless joy in making things exquisite. In the making of Bonaventura products we combine the rich culture of Italian craftsmanship and absolute dedication to detail. Our designer and co-founder Kyoko Uemura works with a unique colourful palette. The colours are carefully selected to bring happiness in a timeless and classy direction.The happiness we feel in the making of our products integrates as a token of good luck.

As you might know our name actually means good luck!