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BONAVENTURA iPhone cases are carefully designed and made of premium German leather from the world famous Perlinger tannery. Our iPhone cases are made of authentic Noblessa or Fjord calfskin and are available in a variety of BONAVENTURA colors and styles to not only provide protection but also match your style.

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Noblessa Leather

Noblessa leather is an embossed, cross grain calfskin. This gives the leather an evenly textured surface with an elegant two-tone look.

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Fjord Leather

Fjord leather is a shrunken calfskin with a raised grain. This gives the leather a textured and pebbled appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a protective case for my iPhone?

Sometimes it happens so quickly - one moment you're not paying attention and your phone is on the ground. Sometimes you're lucky and nothing happens, because iPhone are becoming more stable and fall-proof every year. But in most cases, this is unfortunately the opposite. If your display or the back of the phone is cracked, this not only looks bad, but usually restricts the functionality of the phone. A repair, especially for Apple iPhones, can be very expensive. Therefore, you should consider whether it is worth investing in the right protection for your iPhone.

Not only should you be able to choose your favorite color from the iPhone manufacturer, but you should also be free to choose the right case for you! Material, shape, functionality and color are all things you should think about when choosing your new iPhone case.

Why choose a high quality premium leather case?

Leather iPhone cases are truly elegant. High-quality manufactured leather is distinguished by its durability and premium quality. When choosing a BONAVENTURA leather case, you aren't getting just another case, each product is unique thanks to the natural leather patterns.

Leather cases are also known to age beautifully. Through daily use, a high-quality leather case will develop a special tone over time - slight leather discolorations or some would title them as signs of wear. These naturally occurring features make each leather cases unique and should not be considered as imperfections, but rather a characteristic fingerprint of your leather product.

When picking out your next case, you can choose between Perlinger authentic Noblessa leather (embossed) or Fjord leather (shrunken) and also register your product for our lifetime warranty program.

Which BONAVENTURA case is best for me?

When deciding on the right iPhone case, you most likely want one that offers protection but also fits your lifestyle, because your iPhone accompanies you practically everywhere. Are you busy with your phone and have to look at it often? Or would you rather have complete protection for your iPhone, do you like a simple design or do you want colors that. pop? All these questions can be answered with the high quality BONAVENTURA leather iPhone cases.

BONAVENTURA leather iPhone cases are all high quality, handmade cases. They are characterized by their individual leather look and fit perfectly on your iPhone. You can choose between three different designs, which all have different advantages:

1. Diary iPhone Case
The Diary iPhone Case is a high quality, book-like case with a minimalist design that offers complete all-around protection. Both the display and the back of the phone are fully protected. The case can be opened to the left, only then the iPhone display is visible. In the left inner pocket of the case there are four practical credit card slots and two bill compartments. All buttons and keys are freely accessible and easy to reach. In addition, there are two different leather variants - Noblessa and Fjord. All cases are available in bright Kyoko colors.

2. Back Cover iPhone Case
The leather Back Cover Case is a high quality case in a minimal slim design, which provides perfect protection on the back of the iPhone - the display is exposed. A big advantage of this leather case is the easy accessibility to the iPhone itself. Most of the time, you only want to take a quick look at the display without picking up the iPhone directly. All buttons and knobs are freely accessible and easy to reach. Again, there are two different leather variants of this case - Noblessa and Fjord. On the back of the case, the Fjord leather variant has two convenient credit card slots or bill compartments. The Noblessa leather variant is characterized by its even slimmer design. All covers are available in bright Kyoko colors.

3. Leather iPhone Case with Mirror
The leather iPhone Case with Mirror is a high quality leather case with a strap. The absolute advantage of this case is that it also acts as a mini-bag / clutch. Similar to the Diary Case, the case can be opened to the left - but you can open it twice to the left. Integrated into the inside are a small mirror, three credit card slots and a bill compartment. All buttons and knobs are freely accessible and easy to reach. If necessary, the strap or shoulder strap can be removed. This leather case is available in the Fjord leather variant in vibrant colors.
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The Classics
White, Black and Ivory, or cream, are the BONAVENTURA classic colors. The three colors work absolutely always and to every outfit. White and black provide elegance, but also style and complement your everyday look perfectly.

The Natural Tones
Almost like the classics, but still a bit softer and more natural in the color choice. Earth & green tones stand for natural beauty, they also convey down-to-earthness & uncomplicatedness. The selected natural tones of BONAVENTURA are called: Etoupe, Greige and Malachite Green.

The Warm Tones
Yes, you can never get enough of them and they are by no means boring. BONAVENTURA iPhone cases also offer a wide range of warm colors: Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink (Fuchsia | Coral | Azalee | Shell) and Anemone Purple. You can add a perfect accent to your outfit with these beautiful colors.

The Blue Tones
Blue- the color of air and water and stands for longing, fantasy, spiritual insight & balance. So any of our blue tones will also go with almost any outfit. Blue tones, however, still provide a certain eye-catcher and round off your look wonderfully. Our leather iPhone cases blue tones we call Blue Lin, Blue Cyan & Indigo Blue, Navy Blue and Electric Blue.

Furthermore, many of our leather iPhone cases also consist of two colors. So if you don't want to commit to just one, you can opt-in for a premium leather case with two perfectly coordinated colors. Here are a few of our most popular combinations: Black x Electric Blue, Etoupe x Yellow, Navy x Orange, Greige & Coral, Shell Pink x White and many more...

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Back Cover Fjord

  • Leather type: Fjord
  • Price: €80
  • Color variations: Many different vibrant colors (monochrome & two-color)
  • Available for all iPhone models
  • Back Cover Noblessa

  • Leather type: Noblessa
  • Price: €110
  • Color variations: Many different vibrant colors (monochrome & two-tone)
  • Available for all iPhone models
  • All Noblessa genuine leather iPhone cases support Apple MagSafe charging as well as all Qi charger chargers.
  • Diary Fjord

  • Leather type: Fjord
  • Price: From €90
  • Color variations: Many different vibrant colors (monochrome & two-tone)
  • Available for all iPhone models
  • Diary Noblessa

  • Leather type: Noblessa
  • Price: From €115
  • Color variations: Many different vibrant colors (monochrome & two-tone)
  • Available for all iPhone models
  • All Noblessa genuine leather iPhone cases support Apple MagSafe charging as well as all Qi charger chargers.
  • How do I care for my leather case?

    BONAVENTURA leather cases are very easy to care for. Our patented nano-coating protects the leather from moisture and signs of use and ensures long-lasting color development. Thus, the premium leather cases from are also very practical - they do not require regular maintenance. Small stains should be carefully wiped off with a damp cloth. Heavier dirt can be treated with a commercial leather foam.

    How are BONAVENTURA leather cases made?

    Our iPhone cases are made of the embossed Noblessa leather or the shrunken Fjord leather. Both types of leather are handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. Regional raw materials combined with conscientious product selection and sustainable production methods result in calfskins of the highest quality with outstanding longevity. The Perlinger tannery uses only the best technology, which is also very environmentally friendly.

    The production of BONAVENTURA leather takes place exclusively in Germany. Our Fjord and Noblessa leathers are produced with classic chrome tanning and barrel dyeing. Leather production is also subject to strict German environmental guidelines for waste water, exhaust air and waste. All requirements are met by Perlinger.

    Important facts about our leather:

    • Complies with the 4th Ordinance on the Amendment of the Consumer Goods Ordinance of 20.07.1995
    • Contains no azo dyes, which can reductively decompose into arylamines with carcinogenic potential of MAK groups III A 1 and III A2
    • PCP-free (corresponds to the PCP ban ordinance of the Federal Government)