Fjord Leather

Raw Materials

The calfskins used are exclusively from specially selected provenances of southern German raw material. These calfskins are known to be the best and most expensive in leather production in the world.

Look & Feel

Fjord is a shrunken, raised grain, calf leather. The natural features make each product unique and should not be considered as imperfections, but as the distinctive fingerprint of the premium leather product.


Regional raw materials combined with conscientious product selection and sustainable production methods, result in calfskins of the highest quality with outstanding longevity.

Production Methods

The production of this leather takes place in Germany from the start. Fjord leather is made using classic chrome tanning, barrel dyeing; thin, protein-based purely aqueous finish. Therefore, the tanning is also subject to the strict German environmental guidelines with regard to waste water, exhaust air and waste. All requirements are met by Perlinger.

The leather itself complies with the 4th ordinance amending the consumer goods ordinance of July 20th, 1995, and it does not contain any azo dyes that can be reductively split into arylamines with carcinogenic potential of MAK groups III A 1 and III A2, and PCP is not in one Contain concentration that violates the Federal Government's PCP Prohibition Ordinance. The leathers also comply with the currently valid chromium-6 requirements of less than 3mg/kg.

Caring for Fjord Leather

The shrinking process accentuates the depth and beauty of the grain, while increasing the leather’s durability and resistance to moisture. Our patented nano-coating protects the high-quality leather from moisture and signs of use and ensures long-lasting color development.

This premium leather has an excellent practical value and does not require regular care during use. Soiling should be gently rubbed off the leather with a damp cloth. Heavier soiling can be treated with a commercially available leather foam.