Leather Cases for iPhone 13 Mini


Why do I need a case for my iPhone 13 mini?

Every year in September, Apple introduces its new iPhones. In 2021, among the four new models is the iPhone 13 Mini - the smallest variant of all. Although iPhones from Apple are produced to a high standard, things can sometimes happen very quickly. One moment of not paying attention or just bad luck and you’ve dropped your phone on the ground. The consequences could be a crack in the display or a damaged back and often there is no other way than to bring the smartphone in for repair. This is very annoying, but can be avoided with a drop-proof case.
So you can decide to significantly minimise the risk of breakage and invest money in a high-quality case as a preventative measure. BONAVENTURA offers you the option to choose from a wide variety of iPhone 13 mini cases. To make sure your iPhone fits you perfectly, you can also match your chosen iPhone 13 mini color with your new leather cases for iPhone 13 models.

What are the reasons for choosing a premium leather case?

When choosing an iPhone 13 mini, design plays an important role. After all, the phone should not only be functional, but also attractive. A leather case offers several advantages that combine functionality and aesthetics.
BONAVENTURA iPhone cases are made of authentic, soft, sustainable natural leather, which fits perfectly in the form of a case around your new iPhone. BONAVENTURA iPhone cases are very versatile and unique. The great thing about them is that there are countless variations that create a very unique appearance. The natural wearing of the leather over time ensures that each of our products is unique. Design your own case and choose the right color for your iPhone.
You can choose between Noblessa calfskin (embossed) or Fjord calfskin (shrunken) from Perlinger. To make sure your case stays with you for a long time, you can register your case for a lifetime warranty within 15 days of purchase.

BONAVENTURA offers not only the right case for your iPhone 13 Mini, but also for the iPhone 13 ProiPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13. If you have an older iPhone model, take a look at the BONAVENTURA iPhone cases page, where all models are linked in an overview.

Which BONAVENTURA leather case is best suited for my iPhone 13 mini?

The newly developed camera of the iPhone 13 mini is arranged diagonally and requires a precisely fitting new protective case. Apple provides a better grip with a non-slip surface, which you can even improve with the right case. New colors and a revised design are also criteria you should consider when deciding on the right iPhone 13 mini case.
The iPhone 13 mini can be easily operated with just one hand, has a long-lasting battery and is therefore the ideal companion for on the go, as it fits perfectly in any pocket. Choose from one of our two designs to enhance the functionality and appearance with a sustainable iPhone 13 mini case from BONAVENTURA.

1. Back cover leather iPhone case

The practical usability of the iPhone 13 mini requires an equally high-quality case in a minimal slim design. BONAVENTURA Back Cover Cases optimally protect the back of the iPhone 13 mini. The Fjord leather version offers two practical credit card or bank note compartments on the back of the case.
A mobile phone that scores points for its easy accessibility should not be restricted by its case. The exposed display allows you to do just that, quickly operate the iPhone 13 mini. Just pull the phone out of your pocket and quickly write a message or answer a call.
There are also two different leather variants - Noblessa and Fjord. All cases are available in a variety of Kyoko colors.

2. Leather Diary iPhone Case

The fold-out "Diary" iPhone Case is a high-quality case in a minimalist design that offers complete all-round protection.
If you want to protect your iPhone 13 mini in the best possible way, this is exactly the right design for you. Both the front and the back are covered by the elegant genuine leather case. The phone can thus be used in everyday life without hesitation. The display is only visible when the case opens to the left. Conveniently, the inside of the case has four credit card slots and two banknote compartments.
Here, too, there is a choice of two different BONAVENTURA genuine leather variants - Noblessa and Fjord. All cases are available in a variety of Kyoko colors.

Our commitment to sustainability

BONAVENTURA premium leather cases for Apple iPhones, are sustainably produced products, created to last you a lifetime. Excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and careful consideration of the impact of our work on the environment guide us every day, and we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner.