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Noblessa or Fjord Leather?

When shopping around for your next BONAVENTURA premium leather product, you may notice that some are handcrafted of Noblessa leather and others of Fjord leather. So what is the difference?

If you are stuck deciding between the two and don’t know which route to take, here’s a quick overview of the two Perlinger premium leather types we proudly use. 

Noblessa leather is also commonly referred to as embossed calf leather and features a classic cross-grain pattern that is uniformly structured giving the leather an elegant, luxurious two-tone look. This leather is known for its excellent utility and is characterised by a very high level of comfort and durability.

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Fjord leather on the other hand, is a shrunken calf leather which causes the grain scars to raise, giving it a textured, pebbled look that is soft to touch. The shrinking process accentuates the depth and beauty of the grain, while increasing the leather’s durability and resistance to moisture.

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