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BONAVENTURA: Elegant Leather Business Card Cases

At BONAVENTURA, we offer an exclusive selection of business card cases made from the finest leather that combine timeless design with Italian craftsmanship. Our products are perfect for those who value quality and functionality. In this text, we would like to introduce you to our business card cases and answer some questions you may have.

Elegant BONAVENTURA leather business card cases in various colors.

Types of Leather: Fjord and Noblessa

Our business card cases are available in two different types of leather: Fjord and Noblessa. Fjord is a shrunk, grained calf leather that is known for its durability and longevity. Noblessa, on the other hand, is an embossed, smooth full-grain calf leather that is distinguished by its elegance and special shine. Both types of leather are carefully processed by our experienced craftsmen in Europe.

Why choose a leather business card case?

A high-quality leather business card case offers many advantages:

  1. Protection: A case protects your business cards from damage and contamination.
  2. Organization: Keep your business cards tidy and organized.
  3. Style: An elegant case emphasizes your professional and sophisticated taste.
Close-up of an open BONAVENTURA leather business card case with business cards.

How many business cards fit in a BONAVENTURA case?

Our business card cases offer enough space for several cards. The exact number depends on the thickness of your business cards. On average, however, you can easily accommodate about 20 to 30 cards.

How do I best care for my leather business card case?

To maintain the longevity and beauty of your BONAVENTURA leather business card case, we recommend the following care instructions:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  2. Use a dry, soft cloth for cleaning.
  3. Use special leather care products to maintain the material.

BONAVENTURA: Quality and Sustainability

At BONAVENTURA, we place great emphasis on the quality of our products. Our leather goods are not only durable and functional, but also environmentally friendly. We make sure that our production processes are sustainable and resource-efficient.

We invite you to discover our exclusive selection of BONAVENTURA leather business card cases and experience the outstanding quality of our products for yourself. Experience the difference that our passion for Italian craftsmanship and our commitment to excellence make in every detail.

Elegant BONAVENTURA leather business card cases.


Choosing a BONAVENTURA leather business card case means choosing a product that meets the highest quality standards and has been carefully crafted. Our Italian craftsmen are masters of their trade and bring their expertise to every single one of our products.