NEW iPhone 12 Series cases-BONAVENTURA

NEW iPhone 12 Series cases

In time for the launch of the iPhone 12, our long awaited iPhone 12 Cases series is finally here!

We are proud to finally be able to present the new iPhone 12 back cover cases. The high-quality, luxurious Perlinger leather fits perfect, giving your smartphone an elegant touch and great protection. The slim and minimalist design combines pure elegance with naturalness. Our extraordinary lively Kyoko colors are timeless and harmonize with every outfit in your wardrobe.


Each case is carefully handcrafted from 100% finest, full-grain calf leather, which comes from the most prestigious tannery in Germany: Perlinger. We work with both shrunk and smooth Noblessa leather, and both are extraordinary. The Noblessa leather has an incredible smoothness that exudes luxury and simple elegance.  In addition to the natural softness of the fantastic leather, one of the main features is its incomparable durability through shrinking. The shrinking process accentuates the depth and beauty of the grain, while increasing the leather’s durability and moisture resistance. The natural leather from Perlinger doesn’t discolor or fade, so that the wonderful colors can shine for a long time.

Our products are unique and perfectly tailored to the needs of everyday life. The covers are not only exceptional in terms of appearance and quality, they also have great functionality with two extra card slots attached.

The iPhone cases are available in the following brillant colors: Etoupe, Greige, Black, Coral Pink, Anemone Purple, Blue Cyan and Navy Blue.

Soon also available in many other color variations!

Classy, refined and luxurious - let yourself be inspired by our brand-new and luxurious iPhone cases.


Which color will you choose?