Complete leather care set from BONAVENTURA, perfect for comprehensive care and protection of your leather products.

Leather care in summer: tips and tricks

Leather care is an art that requires care and attention, especially in the warm summer months. High-quality leather products, such as those offered by BONAVENTURA, are characterized by their durability and first-class quality. However, without the right care, even the best leather goods can suffer from the intense conditions of summer. UV rays, high temperatures and the associated dryness can stress, fade and prematurely age the leather. It is therefore crucial that owners of premium leather products understand how to protect their investment during this demanding period. This article will provide you with valuable tips and show you best practices to get your leather items through the summer in the best possible way.

Complete leather care set from BONAVENTURA, perfect for comprehensive care and protection of your leather products.

Table of contents:

  1. The challenges of the summer heat
  2. Basic care tips
  3. Protection from heat
  4. Care of special types of leather
  5. Professional care
  6. DIY care tips
  7. Conclusion of the article

The challenges of summer heat for leather

The long summer days not only bring joy and sunshine, but also pose a particular challenge for leather products. Intense UV radiation and high temperatures can significantly affect the natural material. Without adequate protection, the sun can dry out the leather, leading to cracks and premature color fading. The heat also causes leather to lose its natural moisture, which can make it stiff and brittle. To prevent these problems, it is important to use suitable care products. An effective Care set can make a significant difference here by nourishing the leather and protecting it against the damaging effects of the sun's rays. Regular use of these specialized products will ensure that your leather remains supple and retains its shine even under extreme conditions.

Basic tips for leather care in summer

Careful care during the summer months is crucial for maintaining the quality and appearance of your leather products. Two basic aspects are particularly important: cleaning and storage. Always start with gentle cleaning to remove dirt and dust that can build up on the leather. To do this, use a soft, slightly damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent specially developed for leather. Avoid using too much water, as leather can react sensitively to moisture.

After cleaning, correct storage is crucial to protect the leather from further damage caused by heat and sunlight. Store your leather items in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Also use breathable protective covers to prevent dust accumulation while ensuring good air circulation.

For comprehensive care, we recommend the use of a specialized Care sets which contains all the necessary products to care for and protect your leather in summer. This set not only provides the necessary cleaning and conditioning, but also offers protection against UV radiation, which is particularly important during the summer months. By using these products regularly, you will maintain the suppleness and color brilliance of your leather throughout the summer months.

Cleaning a leather cover from BONAVENTURA that has been soiled with coffee shows effective stain removal.

Protection from sun and heat

An essential step in keeping your leather in top condition in summer is to protect it from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This is where the Nano leather protection spray plays a decisive role. This advanced product has been specially developed to provide leather goods with reliable protection against UV rays, which could otherwise dry out and fade the material.

The application of the spray is simple and effective. After a basic cleaning of the leather as described above, spray an even layer of the Nano Leather Protection Spray onto the surface. Allow the spray to soak in and dry before using the leather again. This treatment forms an invisible protective layer that not only prevents UV damage but also repels water and dirt, which is particularly useful if you frequently use your leather items outdoors.

Regular use of this spray in summer can significantly extend the life and beauty of your leather products, ensuring they remain supple and shiny despite the challenges of heat and sunlight.

Care of special types of leather in summer

The care of leather requires special attention, especially when it comes to high-quality leather types such as Fjord and Noblessa leather, which BONAVENTURA uses. Both types of leather have specific properties that require special care approaches in summer.

Fjord leather, known for its soft texture and durability, should be treated regularly with special moisturizers to protect it from drying out and cracking. Be sure to gently clean the leather before applying care products and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

Noblessa leather, with its characteristic cross grain, requires a slightly different approach. Here it is advisable to use products that not only clean but also preserve the color and structure of the leather. A high-quality care product specially developed for embossed leather helps to preserve the leather's appearance and protect it from the elements.

For both types of leather, it is advisable to apply a protective layer after care to protect against UV radiation and keep the leather supple. This will ensure that your leather products remain in excellent condition even after a long summer in the sun.

Professional care and maintenance

There are situations where routine home care is not enough to keep leather products in their best condition, especially after prolonged exposure to extreme summer conditions. In such cases, it is advisable to seek the expertise of a professional. If you notice that your leather is showing signs of wear and tear such as deeper cracks, stubborn stains or significant discoloration despite regular care, it may be time for professional treatment.

A professional can not only address these specific issues, but also perform a more in-depth restoration, often using products and techniques that go beyond the capabilities of ordinary household products. This professional maintenance can significantly extend the life of your leather and ensure that it continues to provide the quality and aesthetics you expect.

For more information on caring for your leather products and when exactly the right time for professional help has come, visit the Leather protection and care page where you will find useful tips and product suggestions tailored to your specific needs.

Nano care spray from BONAVENTURA for intensive care and protection of leather goods.

DIY care tips: Home remedies and techniques

For leather lovers who like to care for their products themselves, there are effective home remedies that are not only inexpensive but also gentle on the leather. A tried and tested home remedy is to use a mixture of vinegar and olive oil. This combination serves as a natural cleaner and conditioner that does not damage the leather. Simply mix one part white vinegar with two parts olive oil and gently apply to the leather with a soft cloth. This treatment not only cleans the leather, but also leaves a protective layer that keeps it supple.

However, it is important to be particularly careful with DIY leather care if your leather product has already been treated with a nano protective layer. These modern protective layers are designed to effectively protect the leather from environmental influences. Improper handling during home care could damage these layers. In such cases, it is advisable to use special care products such as the Nano protective spray to preserve the integrity of the protective layer. Avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubbing as these can damage the leather and shorten its life. A gentle approach is crucial to ensure your leather remains beautiful and durable.


Proper care of your leather products is not only a question of aesthetics, but also an investment in the longevity and functionality of these high-quality items. Especially in summer, when conditions for leather are particularly challenging, proper care makes the difference between a product that ages prematurely and one that remains in excellent condition for many years. By applying the tips and techniques presented, you will safeguard the beauty and durability of your leather and ensure that it can continue to be a central part of your everyday life or wardrobe. Leather is an exceptional material that will gain even more character over the years with the right care. So take the time to treat it right and it will give you long-term pleasure.