An exclusive collaboration: AKG x BONAVENTURA-BONAVENTURA

An exclusive collaboration: AKG x BONAVENTURA

We are excited to announce a special collaboration with brand partner Ann-Kathrin Götze as she designs her dream bag in the exclusive collection AKG x BONAVENTURA launching Fall 2021. The collection is currently in-the-making and will be limited to 333 pieces so make sure to register here for early access

You can follow the design process on Instagram and watch the collection come to life. In the meantime, we caught up with Ann-Kathrin to discuss the inspiration behind her designs and what we can expect (without giving away too much just yet).

Why did you decide to work with BONAVENTURA?
Actually, in Milan 2019, during Fashion Week, I noticed a well-dressed woman with a very beautiful bag. I couldn't identify the bag at the time because I didn't know BONAVENTURA and the brand also stands for reduced, restrained branding. But the bag stayed in my head and I was very happy to get to know the label better. When BONAVENTURA asked me if I could imagine working with them, I didn't have to think twice. Quality is very important to me, as is sustainability. Both go hand-in-hand. If you invest in great, high-quality pieces, you will treasure them for a lifetime.

How would you describe your style?
I love fashion and aesthetics. Therefore, it was always logical for me to work in this field. At that time there was no social media, so I am very happy about the development of being able to combine my job with my passion. I would describe my own style as classically feminine. I love to follow certain trends, but I generally go for fashion that you can wear throughout your life.

How would you describe your vision of fashion?
Fashion is very important to me. Through fashion, you can express yourself, live out your creativity. But the most important thing is that fashion is fun and that you feel good. In general, I think fashion should be thought of in a much more long-term way. The collections should not only be seasonal, but you should also be able to wear the clothes across seasons. Less trends, more sustainability. Currently, however, you can already see a rethinking and a change in this direction in the fashion industry, which I think is right and important. The fashion industry has a great responsibility towards the climate and both customers and producers should adapt to this.

How important is a good bag in your wardrobe?
For me, a good bag is the centrepiece of my wardrobe. Because it accompanies me the whole day. With a bag, you can emphasise or break a look, so I go for models that I can wear well with different looks and occasions. My mother has already "bequeathed" some of her bags to me and these pieces are something special for me and also still totally up-to-date. I like the tradition of passing on handbags. I'm looking forward to that later, too!

What inspires you?
Above all, people inspire me. I love sitting in cafés in other countries and cities and observing the locals. How they dress, what they combine with each other and what they might do without.

How much of your style will be in the bags?
My personal challenge is to create timeless designs that you want to wear for a long time, but that also incorporate my personal style and have a certain twist. I want to create a collection for many women. Bags that you like to wear in everyday life, but that you can also pass on as a "generational bag".

Learn more about the collaboration here.