Gift Wrapping

BONAVENTURA offers a luxurious wrapping perfect to surprise your loved ones!
How To

Please check "Gift Wrapping" in the cart when ordering your Bonaventura product.


About purchase statement

We will not ship a delivery note and will send you gift with the price notation hidden.

* If you would like a receipt, please specify your address and contact Customer Support here.



  • We cannot accept returns/exchanges of gift items.
  • Some large items (shopper bags large and small, MacBook cases) cannot be wrapped in Bonaventura gift bags. We will put them in a paper bag wrapped with a ribbon.
  • Two types of gift bags are available. We will choose the right size for you according to the product you purchased.
  • If you select gift wrapping for multiple orders, all purchased items will be eligible for gift wrapping. If you use more than one gift, please make a separate order.
  • If we have any question on how to pack your order, we will contact you.


About shipping

If you wish to gift wrapping, it may not be possible to ship your order in the shortest time. Also, if the number of orders is large, it may take time to arrange or wrap the packaging. Thank you for understanding.


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