Imitations / Replicas


Unfortunately, there are unauthorized resellers who imitate BONAVENTURA products offering them at low cost.


Such counterfeit products and replicas are far below our product quality standards and use our registered logos and designs without permission.

If you purchase a counterfeit product that pretends to be a BONAVENTURA product without going through a regular sales channel, please report it to our Customer Support.

We are working to eliminate such damages and are taking legal action.


In addition, our Customer Service cannot support quality control of counterfeit items, so please be careful.

In order to enjoy the BONAVENTURA goods the most safely, we recommend that you purchase them from the BONAVENTURA official website or from authorized retailers.


Also, be careful with Internet shopping sites that offer cheap BONAVENTURA products.

BONAVENTURA products sold individually on internet auction sites and second-hand sales apps are not only difficult to confirm whether they are genuine, but also they are excluded from our lifetime warranty service.


BONAVENTURA Co., Ltd./ BONAVENTURA S.r.l. wants you to purchase goods safely and enjoy the high-quality genuine leather accessories.


Regarding the sale of BONAVENTURA products other than the regular route, please pay attention to the following risks before purchasing.

- Risk of purchasing imitations of poor quality

- Risk of missing product after payment

- Risk seized by customs

- Risk of delivering a product different from the ordered product

- Risk of product being significantly delayed / transportation problem

- Risk of not providing aftercare after purchase

- Risk of misuse of credit card details


Please contact our Customer Support to provide information on BONAVENTURA dealers and online sites that are considered to be imitations / replicas.

We thank you for your support and information for preventing counterfeit products.