Full Grain Calf leather (Shrunken Calf leather) is one of the top Perlinger’s leathers, a well-established tannery that has been producing leather in Germany since 1864.


Perlinger supplies leather of the highest quality by combining leather tanning technology and experience cultivated for more than 150 years with modern manufacturing methods.

Because it is not only good quality but also environmentally friendly tanner, it has been highly evaluated by top brands around the world.


Full Grain Calf leather (Shrunken Calf leather) is a leather characterized by beautiful natural "unique grain marks" by shrink (shrinkage) processing of chrome tanning.


There are various particularities of the leather such as large and deep grain depending on the part, scars and wrinkles and you can enjoy the uniqueness of the natural leather being sure that your accessory is exclusive.


Among many leathers, it is especially resilient, resistant to scratches and humidity.

It is hardly noticeable when it’s scratched, and it is durable enough to restore the plump shape even if there is a shallow scratch.


In addition, Perlinger’s leather takes a long time to be finished due to the aniline dye. In this dyeing process a very thin and transparent pigment layer is applied. The finish that is made allows to leave the natural surface of the leather unaltered and the small defects visible. The aniline dye, in fact doesn’t cover the leather, but enhances its natural characteristics and the vivid color. This is what guarantees that each piece of leather is unique making it the top high-quality and expensive leather.


Skilled craftsmen create "the finest leather" that maintains high quality and keeps the beautiful coloring for a long time.



※ About the texture of leather


The size of the three-dimensional wrinkle pattern on the surface of the leather depends on the density and tightness of the leather fibers. The appearance differs depending on the part of the leather.

"Unique grain marks" with striped patterns and long veins signs on the leather surface are popular as natural engravings that enhance the look of leather itself.

These are patterns that can be found only in natural leather, and which should not be considered as imperfections, so please, enjoy the beautiful and original texture.