Introducing L-Zip Wallet

A long L-shaped Zip Wallet that is perfect as a gift for men.

■ POINT ① Coin pocket with a large gusset

Long L-shaped zip wallet

The L-shaped zip coin pocket has a large gusset and is designed to be less bulky with a lot of coins inside.

A functional wallet that has both storage capacity and thinness so that it can be easily taken in and out of a suit pocket or bag.


■ POINT② Smart

Long L-shaped zip wallet

A long wallet with an L-shaped opening and closing zip.

Since the card storage and wallet are attached to the outside, you can take it out smartly with one action.

There are 8 card pockets, so you can use it with confidence even if you have many cards.


■ POINT ③ Light and durable Noblessa leather

Long L-shaped zip wallet

Noblessa leather
Is characterized by being light and durable with fine and uniform embossed print.
In addition, it has a smooth texture with vivid colors.
By layering a dark color on top of a bright color, a beautiful deep color is created.
It hardly loses its shape, and is resistant to scratches, dirt, and water.
The aging of the leather is gentle, you can enjoy the fresh state of the wallet for a long time.


■ POINT ④ Vibrant BONAVENTURA original colors 

Long L-shaped zip wallet