Introducing Flap Coin Case

A Mini Flap Coin Case for any occasion! 

■ POINT ① It fits in one hand 

Flap coin case

A Flap Coin Case with a minimalist design and attractive compactness that is not bulky at all.

Very suitable for coins  and for everyday use.


■ POINT② Easy to take out coins

Flap coin case

It's smart and innovative design allows easily to pick up coins. Just shake it and open the snap button, the coins will be caught on the lid. Simplest than that?

■ POINT ③ Light and durable Noblessa leather


Noblessa flap coin case


Noblessa leather 
Is characterized by being light and durable with fine and uniform embossed leather.
In addition, it has a smooth texture with vivid colors.
By layering a dark color on top of a bright color, a beautiful deep color is born.
It is a leather that is does not easily lose its shape, and is resistant to scratches, dirt, and water.
The aging is gentle and you can enjoy the fresh texture when you purchase it for a longer time.


■ POINT ④ Vivid BONAVENTURA colors

Flap coin case