To our BONAVENTURA Family (COVID-19)


The safety and health of our customers is the most important issue for all of us. BONAVENTURA products are treated with an application of a Nano Glass Coating Care Spray. This unique coating seals the leather and allows you to clean the product with sanitizing alcohol swipes, with no risk to leather and the product. 

You touch your phone for more than a hundred times a day. Disinfecting your phone and case is as important as cleaning your hands, even more during these times.

A BONAVENTURA Nano Glass Coating usually lasts 3-6 months, but you can easily reapply the coating process with the “Nano Coating Care Spray” and retain the full protection. 

Starting today, March 20, we are including a free Nano Glass Coating Care Spray with every smartphone purchase for the first 1000 orders (due to stock limitation). We will extend the promotion as soon as we were able to restock the Nano Glass Coating Care Spray.

We hope that with this action we are able to provide some additional safety during this stressful time. You can contact our Customer Care Team any time for further information and concerns – we are there for you.


Details of free distribution of nano glass coating spray
[Schedule] March 20, 2020 (Friday) - End as soon as the stock is finished. 
[Target] Smartphone cases customers (Diary Cases, Back Cover Cases) , Mirror Cases, Magnet Diary Cases)
[Distribution method] A spray is included with the purchased product.

Check this post for usage instructions .


Stay protected and keep safe.
Sincerely yours,

Mauro Beck
CEO/ Bonaventura Srl.