Customization Service @ Bonaventura Online Store

BONAVENTURA Cases and Detachable Cards can be now customized! 
What great news!

Our printing machine is a great example of a modern take on classic manufacturing methods!
The printing is done with a manual 85 ° C press machine where with a thin gold/silver foil will be beautifully printed on your leather goods.

Number Of Characters: Up To 3 Letters 

Foil Stamping Colour: Gold / Silver

-  Price: €10 

-  Supported characters: capital letters only, numbers and symbols such as
.:,; / +-*

 We are unable to accept symbols other than those listed above.


This fantastic service is available for the following items: 

Smartphone Case

BONAVENTURA foil stamped image


-Detachable Card Slot

Foil stamping campaign

 You will find this option on each product page.


* It will take between 1-3 weeks to deliver the product as it is a manual process.

* We cannot accept changes or cancellation of your order once it has been confirmed.

* We do not accept returns or exchanges of customized products.

* If you wish to purchase multiple items, please separate them as it might be confusing and errors can occur.


Order now your personalized phone-case to give your phone an unforgettable look!