NEW Men's Wallets

A series of NEW wallets that have been highly requested in the men’s collection are here! Simple, stylish, smart and functional wallets made of the top quality natural calf leather.

Slim Wallet - Mini wallet with a thickness of only 4mm that can hold the minimum required bills, coins and cards in a compact manner. It is designed so that receipts and bills can be folded and inserted into an L-shaped open / closed free pocket. A minimalist wallet suitable for the cashless era.

Slim Wallet Long - A thin long wallet that can store bills, coins and cards smartly. By taking a large storage space for the coins, it is not bulky even if you put inside it a lot. A functional long wallet that balances storage and thinness so that you can smoothly put in and out of your suit pocket and bag.

L-zip Wallet - A compact wallet with an L-shaped zip. Although it is small, it is equipped with the minimum necessary coins, bills, and card holders. A minimalist wallet suitable for the cashless era.

L-zip Wallet Long -  A long wallet with an L-shaped zip. Since the card storage and wallet are on the outside, you can take out your necessary card smartly with one action. The L-shaped zip coin storage has a large gusset and has sufficient storage capacity.

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