NEW iPhone 11 Back Cover Cases and Detachable Card Slot

Back Cover Case and Detachable Card Slot are now available in Noblessa Saffiano Leather collection!

Noblessa Detachable Card Slot

This Card Slot can be attached to the Back Cover Case.

Thanks to the strong adhesive the Slot can be replaced any number of times.
It can be attached not only to BONAVENTURA smartphone cases but also to plastic cases and other smartphone cases, so it can be used for models different then iPhones.

Noblessa Back Cover Case

A slim, lightweight and easy-to-carry back cover case that does not compromise the thinness of the iPhone.

By attaching an optional detachable card slot, you can store two cards in your pocket. With abundant colors variations, you can enjoy the coordination of the color of the Noblessa Back Cover case and the Card Slot.

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