Introducing Waist Bag

Wallet pochette


A functional and elegant Waist Bag that can be worn as a cross-body or on your waist.


■ POINT ① Stylish design


A trendy mini 2-way. The minimalistic and sophisticated design is very attractive and extremely easy to coordinate in various situations.


Wallet pochette


■ POINT ② A lot of storage capacity


The iPhone 11 Pro Max with BONAVENTURA Diary Case fits comfortably in the bag and is very convenient when you go shopping nearby.


Wallet pochette blue phosphorus


Smart characteristics: free pocket x 1, card pocket x 3, round pocket mirror x 1, gusset zip pocket x1 for all your change. Now it is super convenient to take out coins with one action!


Wallet pochette blue phosphorus


■POINT ③ Attractive color variations easy to match


A new color, Mimosa Yellow, has been added!

[New!] Mimosa Yellow


Wallet pochette mimosa yellow







Wallet pochette etope