How to remove the iPhone case

Here are some tips that can help you to remove easily your iPhone from the Case and prevent the risk of breaking it.

How to remove the case

Step 1

Push the upper left corner towards down.

* The upper corner around the camera hole is thin, be sure to remove the upper left corner first to avoid to break the case.



Step 2

Put your finger in the gap between the iPhone and the Case.



Step 3

Push the lower left corner towards down and remove the Case.


How to put the case on

Step 1

Put the iPhone in the right side of the Case and align it to the Lock Screen button.

Step 2

Push the left side of the iPhone towards down until fully inserting it into the Case.


About the camera area

The polycarbonate case is attached to the leather with 3mm double-sided adhesive sticker that can be removed any number of times.

The area around the camera is small and as long as the sticker is easy to peel off there is the risk that dirt and dust may adhere to this area.

For this reason, the attached surface corner is L-shaped to avoid the camera hole in advance.

Please be informed that the camera hole leather will adapt to the iPhone case as you use it and it will assume shape accordingly. To speed this process keep the iPhone laid down on a flat surface.