About Nano Glass Coating

BONAVENTURA has Nano Glass Coating Spray applied on almost all products. 

Your leather item will not be damaged by wiping it with water or disinfecting with alcohol.

The Nano Glass Coating Spray has been carefully developed in collaboration with Perlinger tannery and it has been specifically designed to penetrate into the deepest grain of the leather creating a waterproof effect and an invisible shield. 

The Coating Care Spray will preserve the fresh and new condition of your product for a long time.

* Do not spray alcohol disinfectant directly on the product, but on a soft cloth and then gently wipe the item with the cloth.

Moreover, a lot of bacteria occur on smartphones, but with Nano Glass Coating Spray you can use your smartphone in total safety sanitizing it. 

The effect of Nano Glass Coating Spray will last for 3-6 months, depending on usage. It can be used for all Bonaventura products.


How to use

1. Spray Nano Glass Coating Spray on the entire surface of the product

2. Let the spray dry in a well-ventilated place for 24 hours



- The product's breathability is maintained even after coating. The leather isn't altered in any way. There is no color or smell, and the feel after application is unchanged.

- No organic solvents or alcohols are used in the spray, it's composed of 99% distilled water and1% silicon dioxide (nanoparticles)
It's absolutely safe for the human body and environmentally friendly and is TÜV certified according to German food safety law. 

- It can be used not only for leather products but also for fabrics (clothing, shoes, bags, etc.) 

* We cannot guarantee that the Spray will perform after it's application on items other than our products.  

For a high hygene we recommend regular cleaning of you leather accessories.


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