30% OFF on Nano Glass Coating Spray & FREE Worldwide Shipping

After distributing FREE Nano Glass Coating Sprays for smartphone cases customers since March 20, we decided to offer an exclusive 30% OFF for our other customers. It is possible now to purchase separately the Nano Glass Coating Spray at the convenient cost of 14 Euro.

BONAVENTURA knows how the virus may affect your everyday life and we are glad we can contibute to prevent the spreading of it. With this Coating Spray you can sanitize your favourive leather items and non with alcohol wipes/cleansings staying doubly safe! Because thanks to the invisible Nanoparticles shield you won't damage the leather and you can use your your accessories perfectly sanitized.

* Please note that Nano Glass Coating Spay may become out-of-stock without notice due to a very high demand.

Check this blog  about usage!


In addition, we offer FREE Worldwide Shipping! 


The campaign will run until May 6, 2020 so please consider this opportunity.